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SKOJI - Korcula archipelago

<skoji> Group of Islands in Korcula Archipelago: Badija, Kamenjak, Gojak, Planjak, Vrnik, Majsan, Majsanic, Gubavac, Knezic, Bisace, Sutvara, Stupe

Skoji Islands is the group name for 19 tiny islands which lie near the eastern end of the island of Korcula, close to Korcula Old Town and village of Lumbarda .Visitors go easily and often on excursions to Skoji - some of them are inhabited and on some they can find cultural remains.There is regular taxi-boat service from Korcula Old Town harbour as well as Korcula Hotels to various destination on Skoji. Regular Korcula Archipelago (Riviera) Cruise is organised by local travel agency too.

Badija is the nearest island, where the sports - recreation centre was situated in the buildings of the old Franciscan monastery, which was built in 1392 on the site of an earlier one, and it was enlarged in this century. Next to the church and the chapel of Saint Cross with its Baroque altar by Giorgio Masario (18th century) are the Gothic cloisters with arcades from 1475. There is a small dwelling house next to the monastery, and a shelter for monastery boats in its cellar. The monastery was closed in 1950, and the rich library and valuable works of art were transferred to the churches and monasteries of Korcula, Orebic and Dubrovnik.The monastery was recently given back to Franciscans, who are currently restoring it's previous glory. The traditional procession of the Assisi pardon "Perdun" which was a special characteristic of Badija, was reinstated in 1991.

badijaVrnik is the second largest island, with the village of the same name, is the site of the oldest and most famous Korcula quarry. Only a few families today live in this picturesque village, and they let rooms and apartments to tourists. One can visit the 29 local quarries. Only private boats and taxi boats sail to the island. The nearest parking place for cars is just 100 meters away on the island of Korcula (at the crossroads Krmaca). Next to the local school on the coast there is the new church of Our Lady of Succors from 1856. In front of one of the quarries on the northern coast, there is the old church of Our Lady of Succors from 1674.VRNIK is the only inhabited island in Korcula Archipelago West of Vrnik is the also well known island - quarry Kamenjak (Stone Island).

vrnikThere are old quarries on the island of Sutvara too, as well as vineyards, and a tiny beach on the western side.

Planjak is one of the favorite excursion point for Korcula families.

Naturist beach is arranged on the islet of Stupe.

The islet of Majsan was already inhabited in prehistoric times, and up until the Middle Ages. An early Christian church there from the 5th century is an important pointer to the rich history of Korcula. The finds of these early objects are still visible on the western coast of the islet, and the remnants of a brake-water can be see under the sea. The Venetian doge Petar II Orseolo lead his conquest of the south Dalmatian archipelago and the town of Dubrovnik from Majsan in 1000 year. Remains proving that there was life here from ancient Greek times to the early Middle Ages can also be seen on the other islets of this group.

sestrice islandsSestrice large and small island locally called Vela and Mala Sestrica click to enlarge!

The impressive lighthouse on the island of Sestrica Vela ( click on above photo) was built in 1871. It used to be home of lighthouse master and his family. Its buildings are now deserted due to the technical modernization and automation of the navigation light..

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